Black to White

World Looks Beautiful When Someone Helps Fill Primary Colours in Life Like White Paper

F ew people around the globe believe that their life is of meaning when they can help others. Having this belief, in 1954, a group of people started a school and hostel facility for visually impaired girls, place knows as “AndhKanya Prakash Gruh”. This place has a vision to prepare blind girls for a better future by providing them proper education and helping them learn the basics of regular living like cooking, and household works, also job like making paper files, candles, jewellery accessories are taught so they can earn for themselves. With this, higher education in medical and other fields are support by the firm for these girls. Mostly girls living at this place are from family where parents cannot afford to give financial or personal attention to their kids due to financial crises in family. For this vary reason, this firm stand up for blind angles, and make their life beautiful. Not only this, they do help girls find them their perfect life partner and like any other girl fulfil her dream wedding. The important thing at this place is the time, attention and love, teachers and member give to girls. AndhKanya Prakash Gruh stays functional on funding provided by society and individual.

As said by Mother Teresa “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”, peace begins with family. For these girls this place is their home and family where the great painter of their life ‘teachers and members of AndhKanya Prakash Gurh’ helps girls to stay happy and paint life with different colours even without eyes.

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